FullPatinDay BCN


Ticket includes

Mental Roller Skate CHAT,CLASS, BEST TRICK PARTICIPATION and a surprise prize.

Come to enjoy with us at @theskatehub.bcn who open their doors to RollerSkating.

Full Patin Day
I think it’s important to communicate in a deep talk where we can express our goals and dreams, wether they are short or long term ones.  I would love to hear what expectations you have about the class.
We know that skating is more than just a physical, it’s also a mental thing… WE WILL WORK ON EVERY DETAIL TO ALIGN MIND&BODY.

We’ll work with techniques and movements for us to be able to execute certain trick and also unlock the mental block by paying attention what i am doing with my body at every moment.
All skating levels are welcome! I will work with each one of them choosing the best obstacles to achieve a sense of progression.
For more advanced levels, we are gonna polish every trick you already know!.

after the class we are going to enjoy the participation for the BEST TRiCK, all levels welcome! .
To end the day we’re going to present FAST FORWARD video by @lazoparty and have fun with a little party where we could try roller dance or what you want , just have fun and relax .

EXCLUSIVE condition to participate:
Come ready to take an INCREDIBLE experience, OVERCOME YOURSELF AND HAVE FUN, BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT. Share your passion on wheels and come with very good vibes.

With Love


FullPatinDay BCN


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